Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Fallout

Here's a breakdown of the casualties in the aftermath of pukefest 2007:

1.  Our carpets.  A friend of ours has a steam cleaner that we're going to need to borrow (Ash, we're coming your way).  Either that, or every carpet in the house will need to be ripped out and buried in a landfill far, far away.  Or maybe taken to the toxic waste disposal center.  I'm not sure which.

2.  Our electric/gas bill.  I would estimate I've done about 25 loads of laundry in the last week.  Our bills have been around $75.00.  I'm guessing we're looking at twice that next month.  Any takers?

3.  Our appetites.  The girls' ribs are sticking out, and neither will eat more than three raisins' worth at any one sitting.  The good news is that they've stopped growing out of their clothes.

4.  Work.  I missed a big deadline, and over the last week, Eric and I have missed a combined 30 hours of work. 

5.  Sleep.  For some reason, everyone has decided to either puke or get the shits every night at 1am.  The bags under my eyes are so deep I now carry change in them.

I'm glad it's the weekend.  I'm looking forward to whatever's coming at us next.  Malaria?  The pox?  Chlamydia? 

Only time will tell.

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