Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Draggin' It Out

Addie and Eric and Nolie all did just fine without me, while I was in India for those ten days.  But they missed me.  I could tell.

Addie and I had the hardest time of it once I got back.  After the initial reunion honeymoon (which was awesome, I have to admit), she was super-cranky and throwing big tantrums.  She didn't want to answer my questions, or tell me she loved me, or listen to anything I had to say.  I was mama non grata around here, for the last week or two.

But then, little moment of grace:  we went to Nancy's birthday party on Sunday night (which she hilariously described as "something modest" in her email invitation but which ended up being an awesome oreo-dipping, pizza-eating, drag-dancing party).  There was not just one huge plastic bin or dress-up clothes but two.  There was dancing, ribald drizzling of frosting, and just general merriment.

Can you imagine what Addie must have thought?  "Grown-up parties are like this?  With oreos and dress-up?"  We will never be able to leave her at home with a babysitter again.

And now she and I seem to be back on track, friends again, my sweetie-pie and me.  We bonded over drag. 

My kind of family values. :)


  1. Dearest Jen...I love you for loving my baby as you do; for knowing her

  2. (comments didn't get finished)
    Dearest Jen...I love you for loving my baby as you do; for knowing her, truly, and for your gift of words as expressed in your Blessings. I'm so grateful you are in her life. Thank you. Gammy/Mom/Chloe

  3. I loved those pix from the party...Nancy looks like the 21st C. Isadora Duncan for goodness sake!

    Jen, your words to your friend on her birthday were...just...so...moving. I got all choked up by your graciousness and insight. Of course, N. is a pretty sweet ass gal. (HI NANCY! HAPPY BELATED B-DAY! Woman, you don't look a smidge over 25.)

    Love abounds.


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