Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Objects in MIrror

I was pulling out of the garage yesterday, taking Nolie to the doctor for what turned out to be a wicked ear infection, and happened to completely remove the passenger side mirror from the subaru by driving too close to the garage door opening.

I'm choosing to interpret this as a small sign from the universe, a tap on the shoulder, that this whole walking around semi-conscious thing is no good.  I can't go around shearing safety equipment off of automobiles all willy-nilly, right?  And I've been feeling depleted and sad and angry, right?  So something has to change.

I'm thinking meditation.  I haven't been to unchurch in weeks.  I've been having a ton of insomnia, busy-busy thoughts cranked up to full-throttle.  Battling the urges to control and be responsible for every little thing.  Ego in over-drive.

Things got crazy at work and with my family and so I think I figured I didn't have time for meditation, for the spirit.  It was more important to canvass for Obama or grade papers.  But that's a straight path to burnout, clearly, and the take-away is that the rest of my life doesn't work without spirit at the center.

More small changes.  I'm going to start blogging again, and doing yoga at night.  And letting some thing not get done, and trusting that other things will get done, and just re-centering.

I'm glad this happened before leaving for Idaho Friday.  I think I will need to be my centered self then, for sure.

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