Monday, December 15, 2008

Work calls, I don't answer.

How can I be expected to work when, as I sit in my favorite reading chair, the light reflects through the branches of the trees outside, bowed low with snow, crackling in the cold snap?  Clearly, I should instead be sitting still, daydreaming, puttering around my house in slippers, muttering to myself.

I'm supposed to be up in the mountains with a friend right now, but another storm is making it's way in, and there will be four more inches of snow on the ground in the morning here in Denver, which means many more up in the mountains.  We only have one car that's any good in the snow (I've been stuck several times in the Hyundai this year already, and the snow hasn't even been that bad).  Leaving Eric and the girls without transportation--especially if I was late getting back--wasn't an option.  I'm sorely disappointed.  And also not unhappy puttering around my house in slippers, muttering to myself.

There is something about giving yourself over completely to the season.  There is something to moving more slowly, and eating more.  There is something to turning away from work, even when it's calling.  There is something in the quiet.  There is the bite at one's cheeks from being outside, the excuse to hide in flannel and fleece.  There is napping, and avoiding.  There is withdrawing and protecting.  I mean all of these things in the best possible way.  I'm not seeking meaning in any of it or trying to decipher.  I'm just saying what is.

I pick the kids up soon, and will practice lying on the floor and letting them jump on me and cuddle me and tell me stories.  I'll make dinner.  I'll put my pajamas on very early.  I'll sew a friend's childhood christmas stocking, worse for the moth's wear.  I'll read. 

And probably will do the same tomorrow. 

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  1. I can't resist saying that I don't know what storm you're talking about. It's maybe snowed two inches up here; you'd have definitely gotten out. And calls for just "a few flurries" in Denver, unless I'm missing something. I believe the storm's coming in on Thursday? But I understand staying on the extra-cautious side. And I understand just wanting to be home in your pajamas and with the girls. Still it's very pretty and sweet up here, and I'm selfishly sad you didn't come.