Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tonight's Bedtime Story

Addie:  Mama, I don't like breathing.

Me:  Why?

Addie:  Because it makes fleas in my mouth.

Me:  It makes fleas in your mouth?

A:  NO, FREEZE!  It makes freeze in my mouth.

M:  Oh.  Yeah.  I know that feeling.  It might help if you try to breathe through your nose.

Addie tries breathing through her nose, which result in a mellifluous sounding "heeeee."  Ah, sweet nose whistling.  We both laugh.

A:  That's probably from all my booger eating.

M:  Yeah?

A:  Yeah.  I don't know why I love boogers so much.  I just do.

M:  Yeah. 

M:  Gross.

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