Thursday, February 5, 2009


There's a great post over at the Mama PhD blog today, about having sick kids and then also trying to teach/give a good job interview/write.  I think my last post attested to what can happen when I'm sleep-deprived from getting up with sick kids all week:  I get weepy, sad, and even start seeing things. 

And, of course, being extra tired means you're more likely to get sick yourself, which is exactly what happened Tuesday.  I started getting weird tummy rumblings Tuesday afternoon, but didn't pay attention to them, no, instead choosing to go for a run (another post about running, or should I say, "running," is coming soon).  By that night, I was living in cramp-land, and by midnight, was throwing up both lungs.  Finally the fenergans kicked in and I was able to sleep.  I woke up this morning, a good 36 hours later, and find myself behind at work and needing to teach until 9pm tonight.  I'm still a little woozy and glassy-eyed, but well enough to work.

Which doesn't mean that I should be working.  Ideally, I'd take it easy today.


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