Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Disaster Averted

This time last week, I was pretty convinced that the girls' health was rapidly deteriorating, that there was some invisible toxin in our home making us all sick, or that my "natural" cleaning products weren't killing enough germs, or that they had some undiagnosed chronic illness.

Nolie was broken out in eczema all over her body, red blotchy spots on all her creases, torso, and bum.  I tried Aquaphor, Cetaphil, and cortisone cream.  None helped.  Then the other night she starts screaming that her "neck" (throat) hurts.  I'm thinking, my God, why don't we have an epi-pen in the house?

Addie has been having the non-stop runny nose-cough-eczema-reflux combo.  "I think it's a milk allergy," her teacher whispered to me.  Then, four nights ago, Addie's hands started swelling up and turning red, the skin all dry and crackily.  Epi-pen, epi-pen, epi-pen.  "Let's give her Benadryl," I tell Eric.  "Let's just wait and see," he says, calmly, patiently, like always.

I went about my daily business, but in the back of my mind, that old high static was kicking in.  "Your kids are really sick and you have to find out what's causing it," it whispers.  "Don't miss this like you missed the last time she was sick," it hisses.  "Addie was sick much too long before you figured it out."

Karate chop to the head of that high static.

Turns out that diaper cream has done the trick with Nolie.  I smear it pretty much all over her red spots after bath (no bubbles) at night, and voila.  Skin like butta.

Addie doesn't have a milk allergy (she's been tested) but is probably intolerant.  We've switched to soy yogurt in the morning, and Eric's on board with no cheese for dinner for a few weeks, just to see what happens.  Her skin looks much better, and the swelling has gone away.  Her nose still runs, but we think she just has a cold.  So, saline up the nose, humidifiers at night.

Small adjustments, thankfully.  Everything's okay.  The sky is not falling, not this week, anyway.

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