Saturday, November 4, 2006

Mirror, Mirror

There's nothing like having your own bad parenting mirrored back at you, via the mouth of a saucy two-year-old.  For instance, this, from Friday, on the way to school:

M:  Addie, we're almost to school!  What do you think you'll get to do today?

A (covering her ears):  Mommy, you're driving me crazy!


Or this, from Wednesday afternoon:

M:  Addie, it's time to change your pull-up--it's getting pretty full.

A:  God damn it!


And this, from Monday:

A:  Mommy, I'm SO proud of you!  Your tummy is getting SO big!


Yeah.  SO proud.


  1. Addie, honey, you must learn this one thing: sometimes, the truth does NOT set you free.

    (god DAMN!)

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