Sunday, May 6, 2007

Chicken Pops

Ah, well.  Things couldn't go smoothly forever.  It appears that mere hours before we are supposed to close on both houses, Addie has developed a case of the chicken pox (which she is calling the "chicken pops," conjuring up visions of tiny little poultry-flavored lollipops). 

Eric has never had it.

God DAMN it.


  1. They always pop up at the most obscene times (so Addie's Chicken Pops seems appropriate.) I got mine the night before we left on a trip to Disneyland. Go figure.

  2. Bill and I came down with them during Spring Break when I was 16, he was 14. Totally late lame-os, and it was brutal. Just because Eric hasn't had them, doesn't mean he will; apparently you can be a carrier w/o outbreaks. Sorry to hear that happened!