Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Swing Low

On the way from school today, Addie said, "Mama, let's sing a song."

"What song, Addie?"

"Swing Low."

Okay.  So we start the duet.  I have to stop half way through, because here is what she is singing:

"Swing low, feet cherry up, comin fore to cherry me home...."

Also, her favorite friend at school is this little boy named William.  She wouldn't leave school today until he had given her a big hug.  We were in a hurry, so I was calling for William to come and give Addie a hug so we could get out of there, and lo and behold, that little devil comes over and plants the biggest, wettest, longest kiss on Addie I've ever seen.  Then, of course, all the kids wanted to come over and kiss Addie goodbye.  I had to throw her over my shoulder and bat at all the crazy kissing toddlers just to get her out of there.

Three has got to be the best age ever.

Gwen and Addie

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  1. Awesome! You give me hope... Max is almost there!