Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Off to Boisiego

There are lots of posts brewing, things I need to write about:  my knock-down, drag-out combat with losing three pounds, and my fears about spending the next five days in potato-land; the discovery that contrary to everything I've been telling myself, the difficulties Eric and I have been having have mostly to do with me, my struggle to give and receive love; the way I've been noticing how present fear is in my life; the goodness of my friendships, my family, my marriage, my work. 

But none of this is fully formed yet, and I need some more time to think.  For now, I'm bustling around packing things into ziploc bags and folding laundry in preparation for the trip tomorrow.  I've tried to streamline the kidfrastructure, but the success of our travels will totally depend on the kindness of strangers:  will someone help us and our two suitcases, stoller, pak n play, and two backpacks to a luggage cart?  Will there be a Skycab there?  Will someone watch Addie while I get through security with Nolie?  Will I have to go six hours without peeing because I can't fit all of us in a stall? 

It's the little things.  People always step into help.  There's no need to worry.  But still I do, traveling with these precious girls.

With that, we're off to Boisiego, as Addie calls it (she's still not sure who's where, whether we're going to Boise or San Diego, and who will be on the other end of the long plane ride.  Grandpa Bill?  Grandpa Phil?  Nanas or Abuelitas?  Uncle JB or Joe or Jade or Steve?  Cousin Gwenn or Raiff or Kamille or Kiara or Ben?  Where?  But she's getting it). 

See you next week.

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