Monday, June 30, 2008

But...Butt Fat

I've been pretty proud of myself lately for maintaining a good workout schedule and being a little more mindful about what I'm eating (although that week before my period?  All bets are off.  And I mean ALL).  I haven't shed a noticeable amount of weight or anything, but I'm feeling much better, and my clothes aren't quite so tight.  Most important, the stress is way, way under control.

This makes it all the more disappointing when I was bending over the girls' tub tonight, filling it up with water, and all of a sudden realized that Nolie was helping herself into the tub by grabbing on to the oh-so-accessible handles formed by my butt fat.


Plus, on top of that, I screeched, "Nolie, quit grabbing my butt fat!"  And being the little idiot parrots that they are, now both girls are running around the house screaming "Butt fat, butt fat, butt fat!"

They are SO grounded.


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