Monday, October 30, 2006

More on Poop


Like the oh-so spooky, shadowy picture of Nolie?  Happy Halloween, folks.

Addie's fine.  Just an ear infection in both ears (just!).  Nobody seemed to concerned when we told them that our kid couldn't hear (couldn't hear!).  The doctors just gave us more of that pink amoxycillin, the kind they've been prescribing to kids forever.  I can still remember what it tastes like, for chrissakes.  So, anyway.  We're hopefully on the road to recovery.  Except the doctor said we can plan on her being sick throughout the winter because she's in preschool.  Yay.  Like working moms don't have enough to feel guilty about. 

So now I can go back to worrying about the non-essential things, such as the fact that Addie has peed or pooped on almost everything we own, and that she peed on everything in the doctor's office today.  And that she has finger-painted objects in her room with her poop.  Now, I love my child, and poop is just a fact of life, but really.  Really, folks.  No, really.  This is too much. 

This from an otherwise angelic child, my good sleeper, my girl who loves to read and make art and sing.  This is her one area of rebellion.  And boy, is she rebelling.

We started the whole potty training thing this summer because, honestly, I thought it would be nice to have Addie potty trained before Nolie came.  And, at first, it seemed like it was going to be nice.  Addie sat on her little portable potty and went pee.  Several times.  No problem, no fuss, no nothing.  I'm pretty sure I could be quoted as saying something like, "What's the big deal with potty training?  I don't get it.  It's so easy!"


There has been no single thing more frustrating than potty training.  Not getting kids to sleep through the night, not colic, not fussy eating, nothing.  This has almost killed me, my friends. 

So, the doctor gave us permission today to stop.  That's it--we can just stop.  We're just not ready.  Addie's not ready.  And she is much, much stronger than us.  "In a war of wills," the doc said, "you will not win."  Boy, was he right.  I was so grateful I almost hugged him.  When we got home, I gleefully put away the potty seats, the underwear, the stepstools, the potty charts, and happily put Addie's pull-ups back on, figuring she'll tell us when she's ready to start up again. 




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