Tuesday, January 16, 2007

All Stuffed Up


A couple weeks back, we had a parent-teacher conference for Addie at her preschool.  We pretty much sat there and glowed, which is sort of silly, right?  I mean, Addie is completely wonderful, but what are they going to say to the parent of preschoolers?  Your kid is destined for a life of crime because she can't sit still at circle time?  You're headed for many years of misery because she can't fingerpaint?  Still, it was nice to hear the good things the teacher had to say about Addie.

But at the end of the conference, Addie's teacher said she had noticed that, at naptime, Addie was sort of a mouth-breather, snored some and seemed to have difficulty breathing.  This, combined with the enormous amount of snot and drool that Addie produces, had the teacher wondering if something wasn't going on health-wise.  Maybe the adenoids? she thought.  And, too, Addie seems to have problems with "spatial awareness" now and then--seeing a table, and then running smack into it.

A light seemed to go on for Eric and I at that moment--maybe all this stuff was connected, the toddlerspit and the snot and the clumsiness. 

I took Addie to her pediatrician last week, and he thought they might be connected, too.  He prescribed some nasal spray that might help if the problem is allergies, and Addie has been a very big girl about having it squirted up her nose every night.  The doctor also said that if we noticed Addie having trouble breathing at night--having apnia, or gasping--we should take her to an ear/nose/throat (ENT) specialist.  Having a bunch of drainage might be causing some inner ear difficulties, which could mess up her balance, too.

We've been doing the spray, and we've noticed the apnia, so we're on our way to a specialist soon.  But what's going on, we're wondering?  Is Addie allergic to the cats?  The dog?  What are we going to do with them if she is?  Does she need to have her adenoids or tonsils removed?  What big babies are we going to be if she has to have surgery?

Does this mean the mystery of toddlerspit may soon be solved?

Nah.  Where there are toddlers, there is spit.  Stay tuned.


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