Monday, January 29, 2007

Ground Floor

We somehow managed to get both cats, the dog, the two kids, the thousand and one bags, and four rooms full of furniture out the door by 7am this morning.  This is because we are having our floors refinished today. 

I'm tearing up a little as a say this, because we have had these wood floors--with their splinters, and rusty nails, and paint splotches, and mystery stains--since we moved in.  I remember ripping up the hideous carpet in the first few weeks we lived in the house, and being excited to see the wood floors.  "We can get them refinished!" I gushed to Eric!  "They'll look so great!"

And now, five years later, they'll look maybe not great, but a whole, whole lot better.  I'm pretty ding-dang excited.  Here's what our house will look like once we get everything into storage and the floors are done:

Kidding.  Like we could EVER have a white sofa in our house.  Like there would ever be one single space in our house not covered in doghair or cat barf or toddler drool or baby spit-up or nacho cheese sauce.  But I can pretend.

Anyway, the excitement is mounting chez nous, as we begin to ponder the reality of moving into a new house.  I feel mostly calm about this, that everything will work out well.  It will be totally nuts moving, what with all the mammals involved ("Too many mammals!" Addie's always yelling when she runs into a dog or cat or parent while trying to scooch around the house).  But I'm ready to open up to new possibilities. 


A few updates, for the folks

Addie's CAT scan is scheduled for Thursday.  She's waking up a few times a night now, having difficulty breathing.

Nolie is fully weaned (ah, sweet weanage) and is doing a great job of sleeping and pooping.  She's a couple of armfuls of chubby yumminess at the moment.

Burley is vomiting periodically and biting his hair out.  We think he's been digging into the bags of trash that are piling up in the backyard, unable to be removed because of the never-ending snowfall in this fricking city.  He's probably eating coffee grounds, the idiot beast. 

Prudence and Sadie are cats.  Boring sacks of hair, but lovable nonetheless.  They are at the kitty hotel while the floors get refinished.


  1. hey - it occurs to me that as you get closer to that moving date that if you need help later this spring or summer - let me know - I could always fly down there and sweat a little bit - it would do my ever-swelling butt good to do a little physical labor. Just an offer - take care. I finally learned how to ski by the way - long overdue.

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