Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hangover and Over Again


Eric and I went out to a party last night.  No kidding.  We got a babysitter and everything, and although we came home earlier than we said we would, we had a really nice time.  We went to a fancy birthday party, and then snuck off and had wine and chocolate fondue at a restaurant.  Eric said he would drive, so I had four glasses of wine.  Or so.

Next think I knew, we were on our way home from Boulder and I had the spins.

I'm not exactly a teetotaler, you know.  I have a glass of wine almost every night, or a beer, and on the weekends I might have two.  But I'm not much of an excess drinker, either.  Not because I'm a master of self-control, but because if you drink too much and you have small children, you pay a heavy price, which is called having to get up early in the morning and be pleasant to small human beings, when all you really want to do is puke and pass out.

I drank a couple of glasses of water when we got home, which must have saved me, because when I got up this morning I didn't feel totally sick.  Eric had got up at 5:30 because both Nolie and Addie weirdly and spontaneously decided this would be a decent hour to rise this morning.  My guess is they planned this last night.  "Hahahaha!" cackled Nolie.  "They think they're going to stay out until 11, on a Saturday night?  We'll show them!" 

"Yes," said Addie, smirking and rubbing her hands together.  "We'll make them so miserable they'll never call a sitter AGAIN!  5:30 it is!!!"  Evil laughter rings throughout the house.

Eric came and collapsed into bed at 7, with a muffled, "Your turn," as he turned into a drooling blob of sleepness.

I groaned, but really I felt fine.  Or, not really fine.  Kind of gross, and really, really tired.  The strange thing was that I always feel like that--tired and a little gross--in the morning.  I think until the kids are older and decide to consistently sleep well at the same time, I will always feel like this.  So, this morning, which was a kind of yucky, hungover morning, actually felt like a normal, run-of-the-mill sleep-deprived morning. 

I'm not really complaining.  We had a blast last night, the weather was gorgeous today, and things seem to be turning around.  I'm drinking less coffee, doing more yoga, eating more salad (albeit drenched in oil and crutons).  Things are going well on all fronts.  We have good, reasonable daycare all set for both girls in the new hood; we found a good trundle bed for Addie today, used and cheap; I got to watch some t.v. this weekend (season 4, Six Feet Under.  SO good).  One more week and the semester will be virtually over, and we'll be in our new house.  Man, I feel good.

But also kind of gross and hungover.  You know.  Like usual.

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