Monday, August 20, 2007

Affirmation for the Planet

I just know that there is divine creative energy, in every last thing.

Even the trees? asks Addie.  Yes, the trees, I say.  Even the stop signs?  Yes, I say.  Even the cars?  Yes, I sigh.  Even them.

Every tree I see, every stop sign, every car, every little molecule--even the ones that make up George W. Bush--are manifestations of creative energy (though I wouldn't mind if he would stop creating some.  His power to manifest is much too much, if you ask me).

The energy I am manifesting for this world, and for my girls, and for their futures and everyone else's, is good.  I want to create hope and faith, not fear and smallness.  I welcome the present moment into my heart, embrace the changes of this great spinning ball, and know that what has been and what is happening and what will happen are all as they should be.

There is only the right path.

There is only goodness.

We are safe, loved, and at peace, and the people of the world who are working for positive change and for good are too numerous to be imagined!  I hold their hands, and I hold your hands, and do not fear what is to come.

There is divinity in my heart, and in yours, and in the earth.  I release this knowing out into the universe.

And so it is.


  1. ...and I hold you and yours in my heart, and it is good.

  2. And it is all true. And George Bush is just a reminder that we should not misdirect our massive creative energy, but we can also counter all misdirected energy with our vision.