Friday, August 3, 2007

Dinner at the Zoo

We have friends over for dinner last night, which was so lovely.  We've been so busy since moving, and have maybe felt a little isolated out here as we transition into this new neighborhood, so it was a great opportunity to connect and spend time together.  The real fun, however, began after our guests left.

Nolie only took a one-hour nap at daycare yesterday, apparently, because she crapped out by about 6pm, and was asleep before everyone even arrived.  This was a blessing, because Addie was her own special brand of handful last night. 

She was super-helpful in setting the table, and was cute and nutty the way only three-year-olds can be, flitting around guests, interrupting, distracting us from any sort of adult conversation, but also sitting like a big girl at the fancy table, ripping enormous toots while everyone downed Eric's enchiladas and margaritas.  I found the massive, un-self-conscious farting hilariously funny--really, I am still such a juvenile--but everyone else was polite and didn't say anything.  I whispered to Addie "Say excuse me," to which she loudly responded, "No, Mom!  I just tooted!" 

And, after dinner, she joined me in some rousing duets of "I've Been Working on the Railroad" and "You Are My Sunshine," which is nice.

But she was getting tired and squirrelly by that point, and was overly tired from being in daycare all week, so I was getting nervous about getting her to bed.  I'm pretty sure that I scooted all the guests out the door at--get this--8pm.  I feel like a shit for doing this.  I swear that I thought it was, like 10pm.  My body felt like it was midnight.  It was so nice having them all there, but somehow in my tired, confused mommy mind, I basically gave them all the boot, just a short while after they got there.

Anyway, did I mention that Eric somehow gave Addie two desserts at dinner?  First, she got a bowl of strawberry sorbet, then a slice of the most amazing apple-torte-type thing that one of our guests made, with whipped cream (Addie's absolute favorite).  Our guests were probably wondering what was next--cotton candy?  How much crap do we feed our kids?  In his defense, I think Eric somehow didn't notice the pie, and so served up the sorbet.  And then we couldn't deny Addie the cake.  We're afraid of her, I think.  Whoa.  We should probably address that.

So, we've got Addie amped up from guests being over, and overtired from her first full week of daycare, and then two super-sugary desserts right before bedtime.


I tried to put Addie to bed.  I really did.  But somehow she never went to sleep last night, and all of us ended up playing musical beds all night long.  I finally got into bed with Addie, hoping she'd fall asleep.  She eventually sort of dozed off, so I went back to bed, where Eric began snoring, hugely.  So I moved to the guest bedroom.  Some time in the middle of the night, Eric and Addie ended up in the bathroom (I think she was pooping?  At like 2 in the morning?).  I had to pee, then stumbled back into our bed.  Eric came back to bed, then got up again with Addie, and they both ended up in the guest bed, where I found Addie this morning.  She wouldn't wake up until 8, which meant I was late for work, and am now using work time to write about all of this.

But it was a fun, if short, evening anyway.  Ah, the zoo that is our life.

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