Thursday, February 28, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

I've been thinking it might be time to change the name of this blog.  Since Addie had her surgery a year ago, her drooling's been pretty nonexistent.  And Nolie never really drooled.  Oh, I'll still get to work now and then with a huge smear of chewed up graham-cracker on the back of my skirt, or an urp-up of yogurt on my shoulder.  But these are more isolated incidents these days. 

Good news, though!  We took Nolie to the doctor today for her check-up, to make sure all of her infections have cleared up (they haven't).  While Eric was there with the girls, he asked the doc to take a look at Addie's ears.  Because, see, for the last week or so

the drooling has been back.

toddlerspit lives!

Plus Addie has had some noxious boogers in her nose, and hasn't been hearing us very well.  I'll ask, "Addie, are you hearing okay?"  "What?" she'll say sweetly, making Eric and I laugh nervously.

Turns out she's got more ear infections and a perforated ear drum.

Insert appropriate profanity here.

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