Friday, February 8, 2008

Just a little post.

I've been having all sorts of epiphanies lately, and have been marveling at my extremely high happiness quotient, and I've been having a particularly productive (and overwhelming) week at work.  I need to write about all of this.  But for now, let me just include this adorable picture of Nolie, in her mini-Barney snowsuit:

And also tell you that last night, while Addie and I were being served dinner by Eric (who has been spouse of the year lately, let me tell you), she dumped a bunch of pebbles from her school playground on the table.  I--with more irritation in my voice than I intended--said, "Addie, why do you keep bringing home all these rocks?"

"Mom," she sighed.  "I love rocks.  It's just in my nature."

I love these kids.


  1. It makes me happy to hear you shout your happiness when you feel it.
    Such a Valentine shot of your darling Nolie!

  2. you go addie. Our Little Naturalist. Next stop...the Presidency! (in 2034, mind you.)