Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Phantom Plague

Remember how, a month ago, Nolie was soooo sick, and we thought for sure she had pneumonia, and we took her in to the doctor, and she just had a cold?  Remember how silly I felt, how overly reactive?

She had a little fever last Friday, and we didn't worry about it much.  She wasn't too symptomatic, and was in a good mood.  But her cough persisted, so I took her to the doctor Monday, and guess what?

Strep throat
Double ear infections

For God's sake.  The doctor said it was a miracle we weren't in the hospital all weekend.

How is this possible?  I think all parents should get some basic medical training so that we can at least look in our kids' ears and tell if they have an infection.  Wouldn't that make things easier?


  1. Wow. That's a serious line-up of bacteria. At least they're the kinds of things that the doctor can actually give you something for. The worst is when you take them in and the doctor is like, "Yup. She's sick all right. But it's a virus, so it's all up to those white blood cells." I just want to shake them when they say that.

  2. Scary. I'm sending the little one (and you guys) white light. I have some treats for the girls from Uruguay when things settle down. Much love.