Sunday, March 16, 2008


Glossary of Terms
What You Need to Know to Understand Nolie

BOCK!:  I'd like a glass of milk, please.

Bock:  Read me a book, please.

BOOSH!:  I'd like a glass of juice, please.

Cacka:  Give me a cracker, or I'll break your arm.

Dadadadadadada!:  Dad

Daddy:  Addie

Go away!:  Go away.

HUG!  Pick me up, NOW, bitch!

Hungee:  I'm hungry.

Mamamamamama!:  Mom

Nini:  Nolie

No ni-ni:  Don't even TRY to put me to bed right now, or I'll make your life a living hell.

No way!:  No way.

Tank oo:  Thank you

TEES!:  Oh, my God, look at all those trees out the window!  Holy cow!  I'm going to scream "TEES" all the way to school!  Just in case you are missing them!

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  1. I love that child. -meege (can she say MEEGE?) meeeeeeeeeeegeeeeeee