Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Head Full of Marbles

I have been so spacy lately.  I find myself staring for long minutes at my computer screen, thinking nothing in particular.  I can drive somewhere, on an errand say, and then have no memory of the drive.  Last night, I put some broccoli on to cook, and forgot to put water in the pan.  I just had to look up how to spell the word "broccoli."  I think I've also misspelled "spacy."  Should it be spacey?  I'm too lazy to look it up.

What the heck?  Some of these things are downright dangerous--especially the driving and the cooking things.  And it's totally unlike me, to be just floating through my days, spending huge chunks of time being unproductive and out to lunch.  Oh, I know this pleases some of you.  You can't keep going like you were, you'll say, or whatever, you have a lot on your plate, give yourself a break.  I'm just saying it's a little unnerving from where I'm sitting.  And I can't quite diagnose the problem.

On the one hand, I am able to do some things.  Like, for example, I've been doing some sewing lately.  I made this cool skirt:

I call it my "distress dress."  There's a lot of de stress in that there dress.

But mostly, I'm just being a freak.

Like, for example, this:

Which was supposed to be Eric's birthday cake, but ended up looking like a Great Dane took a big runny duke on a cake platter.

Happy birthday, sweetie.  Now, unfortunately, you've got a lot of doodoo on your plate.



  1. Hilarious! Thank you for my big laugh!!!

  2. That is the greatest great dane dookie cake ever. You should be proud.


  3. LOL! Max said that looks like, "DINO DUNG!"