Monday, September 1, 2008

The kids' school was closed last week to transition from summer camps to the fall curriculum, and so Eric and I traded off days staying home.  The timing was not ideal, seeing as school for me had just started, and things were (are) coming to a head with my mom, and so on, but then I found myself settling into it and enjoying it anyway.  I took the kids swimming every day, then left them in the Y daycare for an hour or so and swam laps or lifted weights myself.  Then home for lunch and quiet time, then afternoons playing outside or at a friends' house, or just hanging out. 

My school stays open on Labor Day, so I'm back at work today while Eric stays home.  Their school starts tomorrow.  I reminded the girls of this last night on the way home from a friend's birthday party, just to mentally prepare them.  "No AmyGabby day!  No AmyGabby day!" yelled Nolie from the backseat (Amy and Gabby are her teachers, amazing, loving women both).  Addie joined in, "No fall school!  No fall school!"

I can't blame them, really.  We had a lovely week, and when Eric and I are both back at work full time, everything is just busier and the kids, frankly, don't get as much attention from us.  We're both pretty well fried when we get home, and it's hard to transition from work-head to home-head.

I have to also remember they both like school, love seeing their friends, and learning, and love their teachers, mostly.  They're thriving in that environment.  We devote weeknights and weekends to them almost exclusively--tired as we might be.  So they're surrounded by love and good things.

That said, I like having these days home with them, and plan to do more of it.  Last year, they were in daycare no matter what--even when we had to pay extra to cover the days their school was closed--because my work felt so hectic and important (geez).  This year, I'll just be taking those days off and feeling thankful for them.

Anyway, a boring post.  You're wondering how my mom is, and how I am.  I'm feeling enormous gratitude for the circle of friends and coworkers who have agreed to call me everyday and hug me and send me their loving thoughts.  I'll write more about all of that when I'm ready.  For now, I'm just back at work and missing my kids.

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  1. Endearing blog, not boring, Jen. I wish your mom lighter days.

    What do you think about a women with 5 children (one baby) campaigning for VP?? Am I sexist for wondering and worrying. YOU know how difficult it is to give 2 children the attention they need.