Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Marrying Adam

"Addie's going to marry Adam," Eric tells me over dinner last night.

"Who's Adam?" I ask.

"I'm going to marry Adam!" says Addie, giggling.

"Who's Adam?" I ask again.

"He chases me around the playground, trying to kiss me.  He says to me, 'You are just SO beautiful!'  I am going to marry him.  Even though Sadie and Zoe say, 'Don't marry him!  Don't marry him!' I am going to.  I am!"

More coy giggling.  Is that what it is?  Coy giggling?  From my five-year-old?  It is, though.  All self-aware and grown-up sounding.  And excited.  It's eerie.  It gives me chills, in fact. 

"Well," I swallow.  "You have plenty of time to make that decision.  You get to live with mom and dad for a long time first."

"No!  I'm going to marry Adam!  I really am!"

"Okay, okay, Addie!"


"Are you going to go live with him, or will he be joining us?"



I give up.


  1. Yeah, today Gwen came home and said she wants to marry Raiff. I gently told her that siblings don't usually marry each other and that she doesn't have to marry until she finds the right person (as soon as that came out of my mouth, I thought 'what the hell did i get myself into')& and she'll still be living with us for some time. And when Steve came home tonight, Gwen turned to him during dinner and said, "i want to marry you, Daddy." There must be some television show kids in general are watching and then come to school and talk about it because I don't know where else this is coming from. Our kids just get a few Dora vids and a handful of disney/pixar dvds. It kinda freaks me out too, especially when it comes out of nowhere. Parenting. What a trip! -Julie

  2. Darn, I thought we had this all worked out for her to marry Cole?! I guess that's off now...