Friday, May 29, 2009

Not Always Shangri-La

I just looked over the last couple of posts and realize I'm making things sound like Shangri-La around here, with my kids being little nature freaks and me quietly sewing in a corner, humming.  Don't get me wrong--there actually is plenty of that.  But also, there are tensions.  Eric is struggling, for sure, with the work stuff.  I have my moments of fear and uncertainty. 

And then there is Nolie, fiercest two-year-old in the West.  Statistics:

Height:  3 feet
Weight:  35 pounds, solid like a linebacker.  Likes to jump on groins
Hair:  brown, tangled
Eyes:  Brown, mischievous
Wanted for:  Screaming "no," whenever possible.  Forcing you to call her "princess" or "cucumber pinka" at will.  Wanting to be carried everywhere.  Refusing to eat at meal times, but crying that she is hungry all day long.  Limp noodle tantrums.  Screaming "you are NOT my best mommy" as loud as she can.

Summary:  Major pain in the butt.  It's been a while since I've described my kids as "annoying," but that is exactly what Nolie is right now.  Majorly, totally, capital-A annoying.  I mean, also totally adorable, charming, yummy.  But mostly ANNOYING.

Just to keep the record straight.

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  1. I'm wondering what the great parenting solution is to that won't eat the meal you put in front of them even though 3 minutes earlier they were screaming that they were starving dilemma?

    We all know it's not Shangri La, but boy, sometimes it sure helps to PRETEND that it is.