Thursday, March 29, 2007

Addie and Elsa, Sittin' in a Tree


We're such anti-social loners, really.  I'm not a mom who is taking her kids on playdates or organizing play groups.  On my weekday off I typically just need to hang around the house with the girls, moving slowly, cleaning up, laying around some.  Or else dealing with errands--going to the post office, the doctor's office, the grocery store.  I'm not too interested in adding extra activities or appointments to our already busy life.  Our weekends always fly by, too.  Even when the calendar is not jam-packed, it feels as if we are constantly running around and doing or visiting or working.  Frequently, working.

That said, I've gotten some real satisfaction this week from seeing my girls interact with little ones.  We're all home today, and Nolie seems a little grumpier than usual.  Honestly?  I think she misses Scout! 

We're also watching Addie's friend Elsa today, which has been awesome.  Elsa is a little younger than Addie, and is such a sweet, sweet tinykins.  But she's also got her own mind, and is not too keen on Addie's bossin' her around.  I have been privy to some very interesting two-year-old conversations, and feel I have some new insights into how my child interacts with other children.  Some gems: 

"Elsa, you will play dress-up with me, now!"

"Mommy, I'm very interested in Elsa."

And, while Elsa napped, asking every five minutes, "Mommy?  When is Elsa going to wake up?  Can you go wake her up?"

Basically, Addie loves Elsa, and though Elsa is not always so sure she likes so much love and attention, they're getting along really well--hugging each other, sharing toys, running around and laughing like little nutballs.  And Nolie's having a good time watching it all.

So, I guess I'm seeing the benefit of the playdate, and how important it is that kids be around other kids.  And in fact, I'm more than happy to have Addie's little friends over any time.  I think I just don't want to leave the house myself. 

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