Sunday, March 25, 2007

I've Got a Lot on My Mind, Goddammit

I do, but this post isn't about me.

I was trying to talk Addie into sitting on the potty before we went to the park today, and she slammed into the kitchen from the backyard, pantsless, throwing her hands up in the air and yelling, "No!  I don't have to go potty!  And I've got a lot on my mind, goddammit!"

I almost swallowed my pickle whole.

Let's be fair:  Eric and I are gutter mouths.  We've reigned it in some since the kids were born, but an expletive is about as likely to come out of our mouths as not.  And Addie has said "Goddammit" before.  It's my curse phrase of choice, and Eric says it, too.  So we're not that surprised to hear it, and though we're mildly discouraging her from saying it, we don't want to make too big a deal out of it, either.

But nobody, and I mean nobody, in our house says "I've got a lot on my mind."  We may feel that way, we may complain in similar terms, we may all be neurotic assholes.  But nobody is saying that particular phrase, with that particular emphasis, followed by appropriate expletive. 

Maybe Eric let Addie watch some inappriate t.v. while I was gone?  Maybe she heard it from a teacher?  Maybe she joined AA?  I have no idea.  But hearing this kind of thing come from my kid's mouth bowls me over.

Speaking of coming from a kid's mouth, Nolie's new tooth is a whopper, so we've got a new drooler on the rolls.  And she's starting to say some consonants (gaga and dada).  No mama yet, even though I'm clearly her favorite still (I explain this to myself in this way:  I'm so important to her that I don't need a name.  I just am.  All.  There.  Is.  Her own little Yahweh).  The last few days without me were good for her, though--I left her with the nice lady in the unchurch daycare today and she didn't freak out, and she seems to have bonded impressively with Eric.  So progress is being made.

Also, and most importantly of all, nobody is sick in our house.  Addie's ear infections cleared up, Nolie's bronchitis is gone, my sinus infection disappeared after my first full night of sleep in New York, and though Eric is snoring in bed beside me as I type this, he isn't officially sick, either.  Ah.  Sweet, sweet clear air passages.  Boogers begone.  Thanks to everyone for your endless kind wishes while we were going through the neverending bouts with viralbacterialfungalnastiness.

I think we're in for some good times, now.  Spring is here, things are blooming, school's almost out, everyone can breathe.  We're taking it easy, goddammit.


  1. Jen: This is a great post. We've had a couple situations in which Kaya has repeated some not-so-desirable phrases that we know she has gotten from us, but it is amazing how she can sound like an adult at times too. The "I've got a lot on my mind" from Addie is a great example. I'm glad you are all back in good health and that you had a good repreive from mommyhood in NY.

  2. So that WAS Addie that a pal o mine spotted at the AA meeting on York!!

    I spit my water with that line...I think she was channeling me...I DO have a lot on my mind...


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