Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dorothy and the Scarecrow


Have I mentioned lately how completely adorable my kids are?  Well, they are.

For example, we took Addie to a birthday party today, and although we only stayed a short while, she had a great time.  She cried the entire way there--big puddle tears--because we had awoken her from her nap, and she was tired and feverish and cranky.  But then she got there, and got a balloon and a cookie and got to run around and jump and squeal.  On the way out, she grabbed my hand and said, "Mommy?  I had so much fun!  Can we go back tomorrow?"  Except she said it with her little two-year-old lisp, which makes my heart melt.

Then, when we got home, she dragged her dad around the house by the hand, calling him "Scarecrow," and he had to call her "Dorothy."  They skipped around and around the house (well, Addie skipped--Eric shuffled), singing "We're off to see the wizard, because because because," because they didn't know the rest of the words.  Freaking adorable.

And because it was almost warm-ish today, Eric took the kids to the park, and Nolie swung in the swings for the first time, laughing and laughing, even though she had a poop in her diaper because we forgot to pack the wipies.

I had to work today--and I was loathe to do so, because having the last few days off from work have been amazing, and I didn't want to end.  But it's all bittersweet, you know?  Work is annoying, work is great.  My kids are annoying, my kids are great.  Bitter.  Sweet.  It's just like that.

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