Friday, February 16, 2007

The Good Life

Don't we feel like the most loved people on the planet.  Cards, phone calls, emails, gifts, and visits have been pouring in for Addie.  It's like Christmas again.  But without tonsils.  You people are amazing.  Addie is still up and down in terms of how she's feeling, but these reminders of your love make us all feel like we're going to get through this just fine. 

You know what else is making me feel good?  Here is my top ten:

10.  My new discovery is that, for $7.99 a month, I can stream yoga videos from  I can stop and start the videos as needed (that is, when I'm needed by some member of the family).  Sweet, sweet workouts for a small, small price.

9.  Listening to new music for free at  All you do is enter in a song or artist you like, and they start playing that artist plus a whole bunch of people you never heard of but that you might like.  And you tell them if you don't like them, and they then use that information to pick new music for you.  It plays like a radio station.  Did I mention it's FREE?  Awesome.

8.  The best thrift store on the planet.  I've let a few people in Denver know where this is now, but I'll say no more (they don't believe me once they find out where it's located, anyway).  This is my best kept secret.  Let's just say I scored some awesome Steve Maddens and Anne Kleins for a few bucks each last week. 

7.  It's supposed to start warming up here in Denver starting tomorrow.  Like, it might be almost 50 degrees here by Monday.  We might actually get to see our front yard, and walk outside without full body armor to protect us from the cold.

6.  Any cookbook from America's Test Kitchen.  But here is my favorite.  You can get it at Amazon for $24, or at Costco for $16.  Money well spent.

5.  My new addiction.  Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming.

4.  This lipstick.  Addie can drool all over me giving me kisses and it still stays on.

3.  The public library.  Seriously.  All those books.  I'm finally almost done with The Milagro Beanfield War, the "Denver Reads" book selection.  God, the first 20 pages were painful, but now that I'm near the end, I'm really appreciating it, and am glad I didn't quit when I was tempted to.  Cormac McCarthy's The Road is up next, for book club.

2.  The custards with mix-ins at Good Times.  I think about these several times a day, everyday.  Yum.

1.  The new floors.  Aren't they gorgeous?

They'll never look that good again, but man we're enjoying them for now.


Both kids are screaming--Addie from exhaustion (she won't take a nap) and Nolie from a vicious head-cold.  Enough of the inventory, anyway, eh?  Life is good.  That's all.  Time to turn this thing off.




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