Saturday, February 17, 2007

In the Blink

This is such an intense period right now, with so much begun but unresolved, and a little scary and a lot exciting.  I'm having a lot of nervous energy, which is making it difficult to sit down and grade the jabba-sized mound of freshman papers on my desk.  Really, we're just doing a lot of waiting, and trying to keep all of our balls in the air at the same time. 

You know what I mean.

We're busier than we've ever been in our lives.  Most days I can't even tell you what day it is.  Seriously.

Addie drooled through four shirts today and was a bloody pistol to deal with.  Every four hours she needs to take her medicine, and every four hours we plead, cajole, demand, threaten, and lose our minds through the process.  Then, when the whim strikes her, she'll down the medicine and look up at us, beaming.  "Yum!" she says.  "That tastes good!"  Right! we say.  Maybe you'll remember that in four hours so we don't have to take minutes off our lives going through this again.

I am hoping soon to go in to Addie's room while she's sleeping and to not hear a death rattle, to see her breathing through her nose.  I am ferverently (man is that a weird word.  I had to look it up) hoping for this.  But as of tonight, she is still rattling and snurgling away in there, as if the tonsils and adenoids have magically grown back. 

Nolie has a horrible cold, with a fever and a barking-seal cough that is just short of croupish.  We're sort of pretending it isn't happening, but the words "emergency room" did pass through my lips today, which made us both shudder.  No no Nolie.  Don't get sick.  Wake up tomorrow and be much, much better.  It doesn't help matters that she is doing her best to push that little tooth through.  And still she smiles and laughs at us, and is getting more adorable everyday.

Here she is asleep on Eric.  I can't decide who is more precious.  It's a dead heat.

We also started loading up our storage unit today, and our realtor comes tomorrow to get our price and list date, and to give us the low-down on some houses in Golden.  We've started spackling up nail holes and cleaning floors and hiding stuff behind cupboard doors.  It's starting to feel really real, which also makes me feel a little like I have to barf.  Also knowing that we could have a long wait ahead of us is strange, given that we're pushing so hard to get the house ready to sell.

The bad news continues to be Burley, who bit me today.  He had eaten some of Addie's cheese, sending her into yet another drooly cryfest, and I moved the dining room chair to "invite" him to get out from under the table where she was sitting.  He viewed this as an "invitation" to bite me.  So now we're considering the possibility of turning him over to a shelter, since nobody we know can take him right now.  Which sucks so hugely.  I just want him out of here, and also just want him to be happy in a new home.

But I'm not losing my mind yet, even though it sounds like I may be.  I'm hanging in there, and even enjoying the chaos here and there. 

I just can't believe how fast it's all going.


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