Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Piece of Cake (or, Popsicle)

Addie went in for her surgery this morning, and she did great.  I went into the surgery room with her, and the anaesthesiologist had me try the mask on first so that Addie wouldn't be scared.  After seeing how much I liked it, Addie pretty much grabbed it out of my hands and put it on her own face.  The doctor piped in the sweet, sweet happy gas, and Addie was out.  This made me sob, of course, but they ushered me out of there pretty quick, yanked her tonsils and adenoids, and that was that.  She was pretty well upset when she woke up, but the nurses put on some Bob the Builder for her, gave her a popsicle, and she was fine.

We're resting comfortably in bed watching Dora the Explorer.  Addie gobbled down two bowls of jello already and seems pretty okay, though she sounds a little like she swallowed a banana with the peel on.  The pain drugs they give out the first two days rock, so the doctors said her worst days might be the weekend and into next week, when we downgrade her to just plain tylenol.  But for now, we're good.  She's good.  I was worried and scared for her, and she's still just fine.  I know a lot of you were sending good energy, prayers, and thoughts, and we could feel those.  Thank you, thank you, everyone.  The doll and elephant and dancing flower have been excellent medicine.

I'm also taking bets on whether this stops the drooling.  What odds would you give?  Do I have to change the name of this blog if the surgery works?

Luckily, Nolie's got her first tooth poking through, so she's drooling plenty.  I think we're safe for another couple of years.  Then I'll need to go back to the drawing board.  "Prepubescent Pimples:  The Pussiest Blog on the Planet" sounds good to me.  Other ideas?

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