Sunday, February 4, 2007


Ah, Nolie.  Nolie has undergone a complete transformation in the last few weeks, and just in time.  We've been so busy dealing with Addie and her many nose hole issues, that if Nolie had also been up to her old shenanigans, we would have been in big trouble.

As it is, though, she's been a delight on most fronts.  She puts herself to sleep in her crib now, unswaddled, making sweet, sweet yummies with her Gigi blanket.  She stays asleep all night, waking at 5:30 for a bottle, but then going back to sleep, sometimes UNTIL 8:30!  She holds her own bottle, which means we can all sleep lying down, so my lower back isn't in a perpetual state of crankiness.  She jumps like a maniac in her Johnny Jumper, and plays in her "office":


Also, she is wicked cute.  She has the roundest face I've ever seen, and ears that stick out a little, and the most glorious smile.  She is many, many fistfuls of chubby-mc-chub-loveliness.

Oh, there are a few annoying things.  She still urps constantly--so much so that we think we probably need to talk to the pediatrician about it, and maybe switch to a different formula (she's already on the soy kind), or put her back on Zantac for a while.  Honestly, though, I don't feel like I can really deal with this until we know more what's going on with Addie.  I'm having to prioritize a little, and we can deal with a little urp better than we can with a kid who is not breathing.

Nolie is also not stranger-friendly.  If someone other than her dad, me, or Miss Debbie even so much as looks at her, out comes the lower lip, and she begins to wail.  Other people, in essence, freak her out.  But she'll grow out of this, too.

Mostly, I fall in love with her a little more every day, and am watching her personality start to emerge.  She is a happy baby, finally, and starting to explore the world a little on her own.  With the second child, it's easier to see this process happen on its own, without being so invested in guiding and shaping every second of it (or feeling guilt and worry over it).  Nolie is evolving, at her own pace, with us there to accompany her, nudging her now and then, but mostly letting her find her own self. 

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