Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Unbearable Lightness of Peeing


Addie still doesn't care ONE whit about going pee on the potty.  And we've pretty much let that be okay with us.  We make sure she has a step near the potty so she can go when she wants to, and we offer to take her to the potty a few times a day, but she's just not that excited about it.  And so it goes.

What's weird is that I was really panicking about this for a while.  Oh no, I'd say, Addie is going to be three and she'll still be in diapers!   All of her little toddler friends are going to gang up on her, kicking her and pulling her hair and taunting her for being such a baby!  They'll be peeing and pooping like pros, and there she'll be, saggy drawered and stinky.  Other parents will smirk and gloat, her teachers will hold her back, family services will knock on our door!

Obviously, that is not what's happening.  Addie is going potty pretty frequently, if unpredictably.  And so what?  So we buy diapers for a few more months.  I'm really starting to think that we are going to wake up one morning, and we'll walk into the bathroom, and there she'll be, seated on the throne, letting a big old duker splash below.  And that will be that.  She will have just decided she's going to do it, and she'll do it, and we'll wonder what all the big whoop was about.

Isn't Nolie lucky, that we will have learned all these lessons with Addie?  I mean, she is going to be one laid-back kid because we will have just mellowed the fuck out, already.  We'll probably have to peel her off of the floor with a spatula she's going to be so relaxed.  We'll be pulling the bong out of her hands at six.  We'll be having to put the paddles to her chest to get her to go play she'll be so chill.  Peeing on the potty will so not be a big deal. 

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  1. You made me laugh on that one. If you could have only heard Grandpa Evans's stories about the bong the other night. Wowsers you missed a hell of a conversation...I will have to fill you in here next time I talk to you. Neataw was in town so the red wine was flowing at the Evans household - yeeeeehaaaa!