Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beekeeping and Such

Addie and I were on the way home from ballet today when I needed to pull over and get gas.  She wanted to get out with me and see how the pump and stuff worked, and I let her (relax, now, I gave all of the requisite stern warnings and such).  She asked about the changing numbers on the pump, and I told her one tells us how much money we have to pay and the other how many gallons of gas go in the car.

Back on the road, I thought I'd be all smarty-pants-Mom and ask her about what other things in our life cost money.  Not that that's been on my mind or anything.  Addie came up with toys, trees, and oh yeah food.  I said, that's right.  And we also pay for our house we live in, and for your school, and all of our clothes, and stuff like that.  But we're going to be having a little less money for a while since Daddy is leaving his job.

I said all this in a chipper way, like not trying to lay some anxiety trip on her.  Not sure that worked.  But for what it's worth.

She thought for a moment and then said, But what will Daddy do for his job now?

I don't know, I said.  He's thinking about...


Right.  Beekeeping.

Actually, it's not that much further out than some of our other ideas.  Selling our skunky homemade beer.  Inventing digital signs for cars, so that drivers can tell you how they're feeling from inside their automobiles, like on Facebook.  "Get out of my way, a-hole!" the digital sign would read.  Or, "Honk if you're not wearing pants!"  Being in a band, but not a band that travels or wants to gig very often or very late at night.  Opening the third biggest brewery in Golden.

That sort of thing.  I mean, beekeeping seems quite reasonable.  When you think about it.

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