Monday, April 20, 2009

Free Wheeling

Okay, so Eric and I have been having some major emotional ups and downs over the whole lay-off thing, and it's certainly scary some days, and I get sad and depressed (doing my best to just fully feel those emotions, deeply and well, rather than suppress them).  But, well, I hate to admit it, but having to give up some things has made me realize how much great free stuff there is out there to take advantage of (provided one has some transportation, free time, and an internet connection).  It's like, now that I'm not overloaded with t.v. and newspaper and Crackberry, all of this quality time and opportunity has opened up.  What the hell?

Like, I now remember how great Pandora radio is.  I've been doing my yoga to some excellent chill tunes on there, provided commercial free and cost free (since we don't have On Demand yoga anymore).

The public library kicks major ass.  Major.  Books, books, books.  Videos.  Music.  All free.  How great is that? 

I don't know about yours, but our city has a plethora of free activities for kids and families.  I entered them all in the calendar, and we'll start going to some.  Summer is coming, summer is coming!

Sewing.  I can make a lot of my own clothes, pretty much any time I want.  Not everything, and I screw up a lot, but that's cool, right?   And no need to buy new stuf?

Friends.  With generosity coming out their pores.  Free babysitting, cookies, and tons and tons of good love and support.

Okay?  So screw the other stuff.  This is, maybe, the good life we've been looking for.  Maybe the giving up of stuff and luxuries is going to make some other really good things happen for us.  Change is hard, but maybe the rewards are sweet.  Dare I think it?


  1. What the world needs now is a little simplification. I just put myself through a three month spending purge, not allowing myself to spend on non-essentials (for me, the problem is clothes.) It's changed the way I spend money for sure. (Posted all about it on my blog if you want to pop by)


  2. Yup, here I am again. I don't know why I've never directed you my way. I've been here reading you since JB turned me on to your blog, and I am always surprised how we seem to be so much alike. And how when I read about something Addie has done, she reminds me of my own little Ember, or how your Nolie and my Aislyn are similar as well. Come and visit us there in our little world often. You're more than welcome. (Especially since I come here and peep into your life.)

    -Cassandra (or Cassie...much easier...)