Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Looking the Other Way

So, I'm grumpy about a few things today.  This was the third morning in a row I've woken up with a nasty crick in my neck, which I think is in communication with a knot in my mid-back, both of which are causing me much angst.  It's off to the miracle-working shaman D.O. tomorrow morning for some help.

I made it to a new gynecologist today, and again got no answers about whatever it is that continues to plague my uterus.  Apparently, my body will just heal itself.  Ugh.

And, the President of the U. had a "town hall" today (which should tell you something).  We learned both that our school is in better shape than a lot of universities and that, the state legislature will probably get more bad news in June, which will mean loads of furloughs in the fall.  I didn't spin out or anything, but my little leprechuan Fear came and sat on my knee for a few minutes.  That little fucker.

So, I'm going home.  And here is what I'm going to give my energy to for the rest of the day:

Kids.  I think Peter Pan is on the docket for this evening.

Juggling.  It's coming along, it's coming along.  I am still not a coordinated person.  I was hoping to grow into coordination at some point, but perhaps at 34, I should stop waiting and just embrace my monkey arms and spaghetti legs.  It makes me laugh my ass off every time I try it, so that's worth something.

The good news.  There's been plenty of bad news this past year, but also the good news:  my new, beautiful nephew, Holden Jace, being born; my brother getting engaged; my dad's supposedly deadly cancer being in remission.  And lots more.  Lots to celebrate, and meditate on.

Stretching.  I've been doing yoga everyday as it's the only thing that relieves the neck pain.  So, again.

See you tomorrow, yo.


  1. you rock dude. i'm totally impressed with how you're always seeing the positives. even when you're down, you seem to say well this is silly and then you look up. and i read your blog cause it makes me remember to always look up.

    i'm moving out of my parents and getting my own apartment - 45min from them and my bf, who i love dearly, but only 15min to work - my looking up: it's adorable and cute and in my price range, has french doors!, is near a cute town and dammit i can make this work! sometimes it's hard to look up when you're scared, but i'm really glad i read your blog and remember to :)

    thanks jen! keep up the good work hon! i'm sorry life is hard right now, but you're doing an amazing job! :)

    (this is judith, btw :P)

  2. Juggling is wonderful! I keep a set of clubs in my office so I can juggle during those little breaks in the day. (I'm still working on those backcrosses.)